Why Company Culture is Important

Why company culture is important: Company culture is constantly evolving but plays the largest role in impacting individual and company success. Luckily, there is more information and platforms available to inform and inspire necessary conversations to change company culture. whether you are the CEO, or the summer intern, its all of our jobs to be students and influencers of culture. Starting with topics and themes highlights in articles like the ones below are a great place to start. Together we can tackle the culture transformation, and create happier workplaces.

Happy teams are also objectively healthier. According to WebMD, upwards of 90% of doctors’ visits can be attributed to some form of negative stress in a patient’s life. It is also estimated that upwards of $576B are lost every year by US employers to workforce illness. All of this even though, on average, companies spend around $750 per employee on employee wellness initiatives. For these reasons and more it is fair to say that workplace engagement and happiness begins with an inclusive workplace culture.

Inclusive leadership creates a culture that fosters innovation and drives performance. Having happy employees is the root of innovation and performance. Workplace happiness begins and ends with a culture that is inclusive of its team members.



At the root of a happy and innovative workplace, is an inclusive workplace culture. While there is being made, statistics also show that 8% of employee turnover and 17% of employee disengagement is due to inclusion-related issues. A typical firm comprised of 3,000 employees can expect to lose $24 million annually on attrition alone. Extrapolate those figures across a global enterprise scale, and losses ger into the hundreds of millions.


Take 5 minutes to see how your leadership development efforts are, and aren’t, building inclusive leaders in your organization. Inclusive workplaces are healthier, more innovative and more productive. In fact, they are a modern-day business imperative. Use this free and customized ‘Inclusive Leadership Development Plan’ to plot a roadmap for your organization’s future and ongoing leadership development efforts.

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