Skills That Will Help People and Workplaces to Thrive in the Next Year

Upskilling, training, and re-skilling have all become vital areas of emphasis for companies, as innovation and volatility disrupt industries at an increasing rate. The ability to be agile and adaptable quickly, and at scale, was becoming crucial even before the disruption of COVID-19.

As disruption and uncertainty persist, people and companies must focus on developing “soft skills” that are more conducive to the future of work:
– From a career advancement perspective for individual professionals, this means being more adaptable across new evolving job functions and industry demands.
– From an organizational talent and cultural perspective, this means providing resources and building a culture that elevates all aspects of our workforce to contribute to future company innovation and success.

Discussing what these skills look like and how to go about developing them within our workforce and ourselves will be vital to surviving the current times and thriving in future times. We would love for you to join the discussion!!