Our Comprehensive D&I Assessments Include Three Key Components

  • Organizational Inclusion Index: A review of core H.R. policies and processes related to eight areas of the business to identify inclusion gaps which can then later be addressed through our H.R. facilitated workshops.
  • Leadership Inclusion Index and optional 360: A self-assessment for leaders functions as a baseline for their inclusive leadership journey. This self-assessment is then compared with their articulated “to-be” inclusion goals and an action plan is then be developed. An optional 360 feedback of the team’s leader provides leaders and their organizations with objective and anonymous feedback about the employee experience.
  • Gender Parity Inclusion Index: A comprehensive gender parity assessment can be incorporated into the organizational assessment, if the primary demographic to be evaluated and improved relates to the ability to recruit, retain and/or advance women throughout the organization.

Key findings, areas of excellence and areas for improvement are reported and a customized D&I journey roadmap is created.

D&I Goalsetting Worksheet

Organizational Inclusion Index

Diverse teams are critical to the thought leadership that accelerates business performance. Inclusive leaders and an inclusive culture, however, are the igniters of diversity. Without inclusion, diverse teams are measurably less efficient and collaborative than homogeneous ones. Employee engagement suffers, as does the ability to retain and advance diverse talent. Assessing and analyzing the number of diverse employees an organization can attract demographically is meaningless without assessing the inclusion issues that determine whether diverse individuals will stay at the company, be engaged, contribute fully and advance through the talent pipeline. This program takes D&I assessment to the next level, examining issues of both diversity and inclusion from an organizational perspective, a leadership perspective, and the perspective of the target demographic.

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Leadership Inclusion Index And Optional 360:

Studies show that the leaders who drive the most engaged teams with the greatest amount of diverse ideation are also the ones who best exhibit behavioral traits at the intersection of inclusion and innovation. Despite this research, none of the numerous leadership self-assessments on the market exists to measure and address this particular set of behaviors --none except ours. Lead Inclusively’s Leadership Inclusion Index (with optional 360) provides organizations the invaluable opportunity to assess engagement and innovation-impacting trends in their leaders’ behaviors and better determine what interventions can be used to close any gaps. The automated assessment process generates a customized profile report which allows leaders to create specific, targeted action plans that help align intention with action for maximum impact to real performance. This eye-opening assessment is a powerful tool for leaders and organizations determined to push the boundaries of innovation.

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Gender Parity Inclusion Index

A comprehensive review for your company’s expression of gender parity at every level. This deep dive will reveal the relative level of belonging experienced by men and women in the organization. Questions about promotion, compensation, leadership transparency, and more provide critical information regarding the company’s gender maturity. This assessment results in targeted recommendations to positively impact employee engagement scores, performance, innovation and teaming from women and men alike. The Lead Inclusively Gender Parity Inclusion Index is the ultimate look at the health of the organization from a gender perspective and sets the stage for the company that wants to create a truly equal playing field for its talent.

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