Strategy & Communications

Every journey starts with a single step. A D&I strategy will help an organization understand the D&I vision, set short and long term goals to achieve the D&I vision and identify the optimal path towards the goals. As the D&I activities are executed, a clear communication plan will identify the right channels to reach the right employees with the right message. Effective communication aligns employees to the strategy so there is increased participation and engagement in moving the D&I agenda forward.

Metrics & Dashboards

What is not measured cannot be managed. Many companies make the mistake of only tracking outcomes of D&I activities and interventions thorough success metrics. At Lead Inclusively, we believe that metrics can not only help us track program success but also diagnose the cause and effect of specific interventions so optimizations can be made with precision. Once the metrics are established and tracked, dynamic dashboards are created to track the D&I health of the organization. They also provide simple and concise way for leadership to be updated on status with a quick glace while providing effective insights.

H.R. Process Transformation

In order to affect long term change, companies have to not only upskill and educate employees, but also set up an environment that is conducive to the intended change. If an organization's processes, policies and governance structures do not support the target behaviors, employees will eventually revert back to the original way of doing things despite any amount of training or education. As part of the D&I optimization workshops, Lead Inclusively consultants will work with HR to engineer the processes to support inclusive behavior. Inefficiencies such as bias, reporting structures, incentive misalignment etc. will be identified and addressed. Some of the aspects of the employee lifecycle that are addressed include: Recruiting, Retention, Advancement/Promotion, Performance management, Rewards etc.

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