Leading Inclusively - Leadership Podcast Series

The Leading Inclusively: Work Better series is a leadership podcast that hosts conversations pushing new innovation in leadership, culture, coaching, happiness and equality in the world’s leading businesses and workplaces. The goals of these conversations is to build better leaders, relationships and workplaces of the future.

pamay bassey - kraft heinz - learning at work - lead inclusively podcast

Pamay Bassey - Learning at Work, and Cultivating a Learning Culture

Professionals are increasingly measured by their perceived ability to continue learning over an extended period of time. Subsequently, young employees will increasingly favor workplaces they perceive to be opportunities for them to learn and advance their skillsets over time. Chief Learning Officer of Kraft-Heinz, Ekpedeme ‘Pamay’ Bassey, sat down with us to discuss the future of Learning and Development and gave our listeners some parting words on how to attack learning opportunities during these uncertain times.

liz wiseman - leading inclusively - team development interview

Liz Wiseman - Becoming a 'Multiplier' to Elevate Team Development

Liz Wiseman is a best-selling author and advises to some of the world’s leading companies like Apple, AT&T, Disney, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Salesforce, Tesla, and Twitter. Liz joined us to discuss how leaders develop successful teams by enabling each individual to grow and find their unique zone of genius. 

Whitney Johnson - Leading Inclusively - Leadership Podcast

Whitney Johnson - Embracing Disruption in Uncertain Times

Whitney Johnson is the global thought-leader around the concept of disruptive innovation. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it would be timely to have Whitney joined our leadership podcast to discuss the opportunities that may be presented to people and companies when they choose to embrace disruption in a time of uncertainty.

Michael Bungay Stanier - Leading Inclusively - Leadership Podcast

Michael Bungay-Stanier - Giving Advice That People Will Actually Listen To

Michael Bungay-Stanier is an executive coach, CEO, Rhodes Scholar, and best-selling author. Michael joins our leadership podcast to discuss the dynamics and behaviors that go into giving advice that people actually listen to and grow from as highlighted in his new book ‘The Advice Trap’.

Inclusion is a vital component of successful advice, mentorship, and even behavior change. Learn how you can become a more inclusive leader and teammate here. Learn more about Michael’s bookThe Advice Trap

sally helgesen - leading inclusively - leadership podcast

Sally Helgesen - How Women Take Control of Their Careers

Women have made many strides in the workplace and beyond but also continue to face many daunting barriers. We sat down with Best-Selling author, Sally Helgesen, on our leadership podcast to discuss the biggest trends for women in the workplace and the behaviors (from her book ‘How Women Rise‘) that can help us achieve further progress in gender parity.

Moshe Engleberg - Leading Inclusively - Leadership podcast

Moshe Engleberg - Welcoming Love into Business

In his book, ‘The Amare Wave’ Author Moshe Engleberg makes both the spiritual and practical case for more love in business. Lead Inclusively sat down with Moshe to discuss the need for more love (or Amare) in business and how its impacts overlap with inclusion and equity in the workplace.

Aerospace trends - Leading Inclusively - Leadership podcast

Alex Plumley - Inclusion Trends in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Alex Plumley wasn’t always a high-level HR professional for one of the world’s largest aerospace companies. In his youth, Alex was a renegade goth growing up in Birmingham, England. Without inclusion, it can be very easy to give up on people (or neglect them the original opportunity in the first place). In this conversation, we discussed Alex’s career path and how inclusion continues to impact his work in HR and the defense, military and aerospace culture.

scott miller - franklinecovey - leadership podcast

Scott Miller - How Accountable Leaders are Inclusive Leaders

Best-Selling Author and Chief Marketing Officer of Franklin Covey, Scott Miller, joins to discuss his new book From Management Mess to Leadership Success. This raw and relatable book contains Scott’s thirty most important leadership solutions, each based on a personal story from his career and helpful to any leader trying to tackle their ‘mess’ and make it into a success. 

joel peterson - jetblue - leadership podcast

Joel Peterson - Trust is the Root of an Inclusive Company Culture

Trust is a vital element in creating and sustaining innovative companies. Without a culture of trust, workplace relationships, teams, and entire organizations will eventually implode. We sat down with Stanford Professor and JetBlue Chairman, Joel Peterson, to discuss the various elements of trust and the areas they impact organizations the most. We also discussed how trust and inclusive leadership are vital to each other’s success.

deepa prahalad - leading inclusively - leadership podcast

Deepa Prahalad - Inclusion, Innovation, and the Global Income Gap

The 4th industrial revolution has brought the world unprecedented innovation, but also volatility. Deepa Prahalad explains to us how with an inclusive mindset, the world can uncover the solutions to ongoing problems like the global income gap, climate change, automation, and more. All this making the future of global innovation and development is more exciting than ever.

alex balazs - intuit - leadership podcast - diversity in STEM

Alex Balazs - Advocating for Workplace DEI in the Tech Industry

When many think of the workplace diversity debate, many can potentially be caught feeling a dynamic of ‘White men vs everyone else’. Denise sat down with Intuit Chief Architect, Alex Balazs, to discuss why that is not the case, and how white men can play a vital role in advancing diverse and equitable workplaces, and how white men (or any workplace majority group) can go about that.

marshall goldsmith - how women rise - leadership podcast

Marshall Goldsmith - Discussing His Best-Seller "How Women Rise"

The world’s #1 Executive Coach and multi best-selling author, Marshall Goldsmith discusses his recent book “How Women Rise”, what men and women can do to build trusting relationships that will ultimately advance workplace gender parity, and career success for women and men alike. Marshall is also a content contributor to the Inclusion Virtual Coach App.

chester elton - leading inclusively - leadership podcast

Chester Elton - Empowering New Hires To Thrive

Best-selling author and organizational culture guru, Chester Elton, discusses the importance of instilling an “all-in” culture within teams and how to capitalize on new hires in the earliest stages of the employee lifecycle to do so.

Eugene Frazier - Empathy vs compassion - Leadership podcast

Eugene Frazier - How Empathy Empowers Us to Be Inclusive

The topic of Diversity and Inclusion is often met with skepticism and even disdain. Even among those who see Diversity and Inclusion as a driver or equitable and innovative workplaces, are overwhelmed with various stresses from their professional and personal lives. Empathy is the tool to win over detractors to Diversity and Inclusion and drive workplace culture and relationships that empower teams, and organizations.

Rebecca Reichmann - UN Women - Leadership Podcast

Rebecca Reichmann - The Present and Future State of Global Gender Equality

Lead Inclusively CEO, Denise Hummel, speaks with the Interim Executive of Every Women Every Child hosted by the UN to discuss various evolving topics and trends surrounding gender equity around the world.

Lois Sonstegard - Leading Inclusively - Leadership Podcast

Lois Sonstegard - How Changing Internal Processes Can Save Lives

Listen to how Lois Sonstegard adopted inclusive leadership culture to reduce employee turnover AND mortality rates while working at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Tal Ben-Shahar - Happiness Begins - Leadership podcast

Tal Ben-Shahar - How Inclusion and Belonging Impact Happiness in Life and at Work

We can all agree that happy employees and teams are generally more productive. Leaders that are inclusive are better at fostering a culture that promotes happiness in the workplace. Harvard Professor, Tal Ben-Shahar dives deeper into how this relationship is manifested.

Maya Hu-Chan - Leading Inclusively - Leadership Podcast

Maya Hu-Chan - Cultivating and Innovation Mindset

Denise Hummel, and the President of Global Leadership Associates, Maya Hu-Chan, discuss how a leadership style that is inclusive impacts culture, and subsequently, fosters an innovation mindset within teams and organizations.