Lead Inclusively

 Virtual Coach™ App

A Professional Development tool that partners with people, in real-time, to build workplace inclusion, relationships and team culture

A Leadership App that ignites people experience for all

People and teams thrive when culture is inclusive. The Lead Inclusively Virtual Coach™ App, equips leaders with a tool that helps build workplace relationships while driving and inclusive team culture. In addition, this leadership app provides actionable training at strategic times during the workday day.

With this leadership app, it’s finally possible to enable every leader of your organization with the key Leadership Behaviors best-equipped to produce substantial business results and drive workplace engagement.

Inclusion Virtual Coach App


This leadership app works with its user to deliver helpful, actionable training when it is needed most. In addition, the real-time delivery of leadership training leads to impactful leadership behavior that benefits workplace culture.

In the News


How To Ensure Your Diverse Hires Make It To The C-Suite

“Denise Hummel, CEO, of Lead Inclsusively – a Saas based Diversity and Inclusion company, explained that as diverse candidates hired for entry-level positions move up through middle management, the percentage of them starts dwindling as they move closer to the C-suite…”


Microsoft for Startups

San Diego diversity and inclusion app developer and consulting firm Lead Inclusively Inc. joined Microsoft for Startups. Microsoft’s global startup program is designed to help startups quickly build and market their solutions. Additionally, Lead Inclusively, Inc. founded by CEO Denise Hummel is one of a only a small handful of women-owned startups to be accepted, out of thousands of applicants. Needless to say, there is plenty of excitement around this new partnership.


This Leadership App Makes an Impact

Inclusive workplaces are happier and happier workplaces are, above all else, better. After all, they are healthier, more collaborative and more innovative across the board. Culture is built through the relationships that are created within a workplace which are born through daily interactions. The Lead Inclusively Virtual Coach App(TM) helps leaders apply actionable behavioral tactics in real-time. We impact compay culture at scale by empowering inclusive leadership behavior. Ultimately, we witness leaders who are happy with their ability to connect with their teams. Teams that are happy because they feel heard, and finally organizations that are happy because of improved performance.

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