Leadership Development - From Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Behaviors

Our “Leadership Development – from unconscious bias to inclusive behaviors” course, creates awareness of unconscious bias and moves beyond it to implementing the “Three Rs” of Inclusive Behaviors for Organizational leaders to implement in their daily lives. Unconscious Bias Awareness training is important, but on its own does not lead to behavior change. This unique leadership training incorporates interactivity and exercises that lead to the transformational culture change required to improve employee engagement, business performance, and innovation. Through this program, individuals, teams, managers, and leaders develop an understanding of how and why inclusion drives performance. Their unconscious bias awareness is lifted to a new level. Most importantly, however, once these leaders become “aware,” they can use the “Three Rs” of Inclusive Behaviors to make their learning actionable in their interactions with their teams, which accomplishes something that “Unconscious Bias Awareness Training” cannot and does not do. This Leadership Development Course can be delivered through a scalable elearning platform, virtual live webinar series, or all-day live workshops. Contact a Lead Inclusively Diversity and Inclusion expert to learn more.