Lead Inclusively is a technology-enabled Diversity and Inclusion Consulting firm devoted to developing leaders, teams, and organizations to leverage Diversity and Inclusion as an accelerator for business performance. Diversity only assures that we have a mix of different people in the workplace. However, diverse teams in a non-inclusive workplace will not thrive, advance, or become strong team collaborators. As a result, our unique Diversity and Inclusion approach ensures impactful and sustained transformation in your Leadership Development, People Experience

We work with companies and their people to plot the roadmap THEY need
We provide a variety of in-person trainings and technology solutions to develop leaders and create a more inclusive people experience
Having created a strategic roadmap delivered at scale, and sustained over time, company culture is ready to transform

What Makes Lead Inclusively Unique?

Our Diversity and Inclusion approach brings a unique blend of scalable learning technology solutions, and hands-on strategy development. This holistic approach ensures our clients (who we prefer to describe as partners) are successful in implementing and scaling culture transformation for their company.

Inclusion impacts company culture and its people through behavior. If inclusive behaviors are prevalent within an organization at the right scale, then impactful inclusion can be sustained indefinitely. The main obstacles most companies face is not knowing where to focus their core strategies and measurements,  how to scale their efforts, and finally, sustain the important inclusive behavior change across the organization.

At Lead Inclusively we work with organizations and their teams to train and sustain inclusive behaviors with education and scale our efforts with technologyAs a result, people feel empowered and invested in, by their organization while also being equipped to perform and collaborate more effectively. As a result, individuals and their teams begin to innovate and thrive.

Why Does it Matter?

There is a direct correlations between Inclusion, Belonging and Happiness in the workplace. When we overcome the impacts of unconscious bias found in all of us, we allow everyone to bring the best version of themselves to work everyday regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation.

When people feel they belong, they are happier and when workplaces are happy, innovation thrives. Our mission at Lead Inclusively is to continue advancing equity in the workplace, ensure everyone is happy to go to work, and equipped to perform to their highest potential.

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“Denise’s success as a female leader and her ability to inspire men and women alike to achieve greatness together is both humbling and motivational for all of us to leverage diversity as a business opportunity.”

Patricia StewartRoche Pharmaceuticals
Denise Hummel - Lead Inclusively

Denise Hummel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Denise Pirrotti Hummel, J.D., is the Chief Executive Officer of Lead Inclusively, Inc., a firm devoted to empowering diverse leadership and teams to accelerate innovation and achieve the business results that make diverse ideation an economic imperative. She was named the world's leader in Diversity & Inclusion by Marshall Goldsmith and is particularly passionate about advancing female leaders. Ms. Hummel is a Ted Talk finalist and a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s legacy 100 Coaches. She is also a member of the board of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and chairs Athena’s Life Sciences Committee. Ms. Hummel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO, having sold her cross-cultural business, Universal Consensus, LLC, to Ernst & Young, LLP, where she became a Principal. Prior to that she practiced employment law and international M&A as an attorney. In addition to performing some of the largest people integrations in the country, Ms. Hummel also tried and won the first class action under the Americans With Disabilities Act in the 1990s.
Jim Penny - Lead Inclusively Inc.

Jim Penny

General Manager

Jim is proud to join Lead Inclusively, the world’s leader in diversity and inclusion, as its General Manager.
For more than 25 years, Jim has been actively pursuing his passion for equal rights/equal opportunities, including as Executive Director of the National Diversity Council. His background includes consulting, training, e-learning, program development, speaking, D&I goal setting, strategic planning and gaining executive level buy-in. While with the National Diversity Council, Jim helped develop many industry firsts.
Jim’s prior experience includes software sales and management, where he was known for his abilities to exceed quota and teach others to do the same. Author of management, networking and values-based books, Jim loves to share his knowledge and expertise.

“The workshops were invaluable as I set out to coalesce a very diverse team in a way that allowed everyone to shine, but as a collaborative entity driven toward the same goal.”

Garry Ridge, CEOWD-40 Company

Anup Marwadi

Chief Technology Officer

Anup Marwadi is a SaaS Entrepreneur with a proven expertise in developing over 12 SaaS Platforms in numerous verticals. As a founder of HyperTrends Global Inc., Anup is on a mission to help businesses accelerate their growth by using software as their primary differentiator.

Anup brings his diverse experience in Product, Strategy, Software and Management to all products developed by HyperTrends.

Anup is also an avid musician, artist, writer and an ardent traveler and has been published numerous times in the field of Medical Informatics.

Andrea Dranchak - Lead Inclusively

Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak

Chief Revenue Officer

With twenty-eight years of experience generating revenue in emerging growth and specifically the coworking category, Andrea began her career at GramVision, a jazz record label distributed by Rhino/WEA and has had subsequent roles with Warner Home Video, Ernst & Young LLC and Regus Business Centres (Where she lead MARCOM for a successful IPO and acquisition of their largest competitor.). After a successful exit from StressEraser purchased by Phillips Electronics and Wun Systems purchased by Yardi, Andrea has served as strategic advisor to a number of emerging growth firms including Office Evolution (the #1 coworking franchise), Provence Rose Group (the second-largest distributor of Rose Wine in Europe), and Lead Inclusively, the world leader in diversity and inclusion. Andrea has an MBA Marketing from Pace, Lubin School of Business and BS from Boston University. She and her husband live in Fairfield, CT with their children Johnny and Sophia.
Jack Perkins - CFO - Lead Inclusively

Jack Perkins

Chief Financial Officer

Jack serves as Lead Inclusively’s Chief Financial Officer. He oversees all finance functions, including directing the company's accounting, treasury, business finance, and FP&A activities. Jack previously held a broad range of financial leadership positions at venture-backed technology companies with experience in both strategic and operational roles.
Aditya Chinnareddy - Lead Inclusively

Aditya Chinnareddy

V.P. Product & Technology

Aditya has over six years of experience in talent strategy on transactions and transformation projects with a variety of clients from start-ups to enterprises. His skill set includes competency design, HR talent processes, learning management systems, talent management & strategy, employee engagement, and talent analytics. He has led the development of technology solutions for new offerings created for the EY People Advisory Services division. A few of his notable clients include Sutherland, Praxair, Western Digital and AIG where he helped with wide ranging talent issues such as leadership strategy, workforce planning, and HR process optimization & technology readiness.
Anthony Herrington - Lead Inclusively

Anthony Herrington

Senior Associate

Anthony Herrington’s passion for Diversity & Inclusion work stems originally from providing special expertise in diversity councils and leading Employee Resource Groups during 20 years of Sales and Supply Chain Leadership roles at PepsiCo and Nike Inc. These experiences fostered an understanding of the interconnection of an inclusive culture and innovation. Anthony spent his last 5 years at Nike as Director of D&I where he was responsible for helping strengthen inclusion via leading Nike’s 30 Employee Resource Groups and chapters and leading program management of Unconscious Bias Training. His work was recognized as positively impacting culture, employee engagement, talent solutions, commercial decisions and community partnerships. He brings an operational approach to our team and has expertise in stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, project management, quantitative analysis, and learning and development in large corporate environments.
Matt Hummel - Business Development - Marketing - Lead Inclusively

Matt Hummel

Business Development Manager

Matt handles Lead Inclusively's Content Marketing, Lead Generation, and Communications efforts. As a graduate from the University of Oregon, with a degree in Marketing, Matt got his start in LinkedIn social media management as a consultant for Best Selling Author, LinkedIn Influencer, and #1 Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith, tasked with contributing to and executing the LinkedIn strategy for Mr. Goldsmith’s account and its One Million+ followers. Matt also has two years of Sports Marketing experience having worked with San Diego's two largest sports franchises.

“Denise is the world's leader in Diversity & Inclusion and an expert in equipping leaders to adopt the right inclusive behaviors for sustained inclusive culture transformation.”

Marshall Goldsmith#1 Executive Coach and Best-selling Author

The Lead Inclusively Advisory Board

We are graced with an advisory board that has a depth of knowledge and leadership unsurpassed by most organizations. Our heart-felt thanks goes to each and every one of them.

Each of these individuals has a few critical attributes in common:

  • They are deeply committed to inclusion as a key criteria of organizational success.
  • Their daily lives, both personally and professionally, exude inclusive leadership behaviors.
  • They have deepknowledge of how diversity and inclusion impacts the talent and business objectives of their industry.
  • They are generous with their knowledge and gravitas and believe in our ability to help the organizations we serve.

Marshall Goldsmith
Leadership Coach & Best-Selling Author

Patricia Stewart
V.P., Human Resources, Global Product Development, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Rod MacKenzie
Chief Development Officer, Pfizer

Marsha Jones
Chief Diversity Officer, PNC

Jami DeBrango Palumbo
Vice President, Sequencing Operations, Genentech

Janet Chess
Global Strategic Partner, Microsoft

Rebecca Reichmann Tavares
Former United Nations Representative to the Office on Women

Mary Blair-Loy
Acting Chief Science Officer

Alex Plumley
VP, Human Resources at Collins Aerospace

Scott Gross, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President, Community Engagement

Our Values

  • Devoted to inclusion as an economic imperative
  • Share best (and unsuccessful) practices of inclusion so that others can learn from our experience
  • Implement and expand inclusive leadership training and practice these principles in all our interactions
  • To make workplaces a trusting place to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations related to diversity and inclusion.

Our Clients

Our clients are leaders in their industries. They are defined by their continued desire to elevate their leaders, teams, and culture in the pursuit of innovation and excellence. Our clients have recognized that inclusion is the lever to transform their organizational culture. The results of a culture of inclusion, are people that are reaching their potential, and an organization that is achieving new-found levels of innovation. But above all, our clients are helping spearhead a larger social movement that increasingly calls for inclusion in every aspect of our world. By joining our community you will be contributing to help build our diversity and inclusion approach and create better workplaces for everyone.

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