Business Transformation Leader, DEI Expert, Civil Rights Attorney, Author and Keynote Speaker

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Denise Pirrotti Hummel, J.D., is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lead Inclusively, Inc., a firm devoted to empowering diverse people to accelerate innovation and achieve the business results that make diversity & inclusion an economic imperative.

HRMAC Chicago 2019

Denise Hummel TED Talk

She was named the world’s leader in Diversity & Inclusion by Marshall Goldsmith and is particularly passionate about advancing female leaders. Ms. Hummel is a TED Talk finalist and a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s legacy 100 Coaches.

Inclusion and Business Performance

CAUSE Conference

Ms. Hummel is a serial entrepreneur, having sold her cross-cultural business, Universal Consensus, LLC, to Ernst & Young, LLP, where she became a Principal leading Culture, Inclusion, and Innovation for the firm. Prior to that she practiced employment law and international mergers & acquisitions.

Book Circle Online Interview with author of, “Speak Milk. Drink Wine: Becoming a Global Citizen”

Inclusive Leadership Interview of Jami DeBrango Palumbo of Roche Pharmaceuticals

In addition to performing some of the largest people integrations in the country, Ms. Hummel also tried and won the first class action under the Americans With Disabilities Act in the 1990s.

About Lead Inclusively

Lead Inclusively is a technology-enabled Diversity and Inclusion Consulting firm devoted to developing leaders, teams, and organizations to leverage Diversity and Inclusion as an accelerator for business performance. Diversity only assures that we have a mix of different people in the workplace. However, diverse teams in a non-inclusive workplace will not thrive, advance, or become strong team collaborators. As a result, our unique Diversity and Inclusion approach ensures impactful and sustained transformation in your Leadership Development, People Experience

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