Innovation Lab

An innovation lab providing full immersion into the world of inclusive leadership. The program teaches participants inclusive leadership skills, then uses design thinking to take on an internal challenge or solve a CSR problem in the business ecosystem. The full-immersion version of this lab includes a one week off-site that takes leaders out of their home comfort zones, providing the opportunity to resolve new challenges using inclusive leadership skills.
Diverse ideation propels innovation. Fast, innovative breakthroughs have become critical to modern business success, yet teams consistently report a failure to ideate and iterate at their greatest capacity. This lab takes the framework of Design Thinking and augments it by teaching participants the inclusive behaviors that accelerate innovation. Participants experience the direct connection between inclusion and business performance, proving that diversity and inclusion are more than just a nice-to -have.

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H.R. Lab

In order to affect long term change, companies have to not only upskill and educate employees, but also set up an environment that is conducive to the intended change. If an organization's processes, policies and governance structures do not support the target behaviors, employees will eventually revert back to the original way of doing things despite any amount of training or education.
As part of the D&I optimization workshops, Lead Inclusively consultants will work with HR to engineer the processes to support inclusive behavior. Inefficiencies such as bias, reporting structures, incentive misalignment etc. will be identified and addressed.
Some of the aspects of the employee lifecycle that are addressed include: Recruiting, Retention, Advancement/Promotion, Performance management, Rewards etc.

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Industry Inclusion Lab

Participants experience the direct connection between inclusion and business performance, defying the premise that diversity and inclusion is merely a nice-to-have. Facilitated by industry experts, participants put their new skills into practice to solve an industry specific challenge: a hypothetical problem, a new product or service, a concern inside the organization or a CSR challenge outside the organization. Our industry expertise is focused on the following sectors: Life Sciences, Finance, Technology.

Financial Inclusion Lab
Life Sciences Inclusion Lab
Hi-Tech Inclusion Lab