Our mission is “To create a new universe of business leaders who empower diversity through inclusion as a catalyst to accelerated business performance.

Diversity alone only assures that we have a mix of different people in the workplace; it does not enable those people to bring their best selves to work to drive the performance of the organization. Diverse people in a non-inclusive workplace may exist for some period of time, but they do not thrive, either as individual professionals, as strong team collaborators or as substantial contributors to their organization’s success.

Leaders who understand how to support diverse ideas, points of view, and life experience are those who have learned how to embrace those differences, without judgment, and enable those professionals to engage at an optimal level. Think of inclusion as the spark plug for diversity and Lead Inclusively as a movement to make sure that spark ignites and envelopes like a warm flame and ultimately a powerful inferno of light. We’re spreading the word of the impact that inclusion will have on business performance by introducing you to other leaders on this journey, conducting inspiring keynote speeches and educating and supporting leaders and teams with a range of workshops, labs, experiences and assessment tools.

We’re connecting inclusion and performance one team at a time.

How inclusive is your organization? We’re here to help you find out and to accompany you on the journey of creating the highest performing teams imaginable.

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“The workshops were invaluable as I set out to coalesce a very diverse team in a way that allowed everyone to shine, but as a collaborative entity driven toward the same goal.”

Garry Ridge, CEOWD-40 Company

Denise Hummel

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Denise Pirrotti Hummel, J.D., is the Chief Innovation Officer of Lead Inclusively, Inc., a firm devoted to empowering diverse leadership and teams to accelerate innovation and achieve the business results that make diverse ideation an economic imperative. She is particularly passionate about advancing female leaders. She is a Ted Talk finalist and a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s legacy 100 Coaches. She is also a member of the board of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and chairs Athena’s Life Sciences Committee. Ms. Hummel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO, having sold her cross-cultural business, Universal Consensus, LLC, to Ernst & Young, LLP, where she became a Principal. Prior to that she practiced employment law and international M&A as an attorney. In addition to performing some of the largest people integrations in the country, Ms. Hummel also tried and won the first
class action under the Americans With Disabilities Act in the 1990s.

“Denise’s success as a female leader and her ability to inspire men and women alike to achieve greatness together is both humbling and motivational for all of us to leverage diversity as a business opportunity.”

Patricia StewartRoche Pharmaceuticals

Elizabeth Laine

V.P Client Services

Elizabeth N. Laine is Vice President of Client Services at Lead Inclusively, Inc. Her background is in developing trainings and programming around gender equity in the workplace. Formerly, Elizabeth was Director of Athena, the premiere provider of professional development services for executive women in science and technology in Southern California. At Athena she developed gender-focused HR solutions in collaboration with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Becton Dickinson, Bank of America, Qualcomm, and Oracle. Prior to Athena, Elizabeth worked on domestic and international projects for Allergan, Bausch & Lomb, and others at a biomedical consulting agency and created a training program for Hyatt International that has been translated into 17 languages. She is a 2017 San Diego Woman of the Year Award nominee.

Aditya Chinnareddy

V.P Technology & Operations

Aditya has over six years of experience in talent strategy on transactions and transformation projects with a variety of clients from start-ups to enterprises. His skill set includes competency design, HR talent processes, learning management systems, talent management & strategy, employee engagement, and talent analytics. He has led the development of technology solutions for new offerings created for the EY People Advisory Services division. A few of his notable clients include Sutherland, Praxair, Western Digital and AIG where he helped with wide ranging talent issues such as leadership strategy, workforce planning, and HR process optimization & technology readiness.

Doug Freeman


Doug Freeman is the former Chief Diversity Officer of Gold Coast Health Plan, a health Insurance Provider with over 200,000 members. He has completed over 150 diversity and inclusion consulting engagements over a 17 year period with clients ranging from Disney to the Mayor of London’s Diversity Works program. He is the Founder of the World Diversity Leadership Summit (WDLS) launched in 2004 in Prague, Czech Republic. He is the creator of diversity-Return on Investment, a model which leverages missed diversity business opportunities to generate bottom-line impact. To date, d-ROI engagements have generated over $1.2B in proven cost savings and revenue growth. Mr. Freeman holds a Masters in Public Policy focused on International Trade and Finance from JFK School of Government- Harvard University and Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley.

Will Marré

V.P Champions of Change

Will Marré (rhymes with ``Hooray!``) was the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center which brought The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to millions worldwide. Today, Will’s focus is on developing Smart Power leaders through his Smart Power Institute. The Institute is research-based and develops thinking tools, behavioral skills and leadership practices necessary to be effective in the new disruptive economy. For our Champions of Change program, Will brings his emphasis on gender synergy - how men and women can use gender based strengths to lead and work together to multiply positive results. Will is a highly requested speaker and trusted adviser on corporate transformation, women’s leadership and igniting innovation. He brings the male perspective to the critical dialogue surrounding gender parity and workplace power balance.

Zunaira Munir

V.P. Innovation

Dr. Zunaira Munir is a leading global expert on Blue Ocean concepts and methodology, including Blue Ocean Strategy, Blue Ocean Shift and Blue Ocean Leadership. As Vice President of the Blue Ocean Global Network, she has led the work of blue ocean strategy consultants in 45 countries around the world. Strategize Blue, a blue ocean strategy consulting firm she founded, takes pride in its long list of Fortune 100 and other notable clients in a variety of industries, such as aerospace (Honeywell), IT (Intel, HP, Autodesk), biotech (Pfizer, Genentech, Medtronic), consumer goods (Coca-Cola, Reckitt Benckiser), telecom (T-Mobile, China Mobile), finance (US Bank, Banco Colombia) and others. As Chief Strategy Officer for Clary Business Machines, she was instrumental in growing the company into a top 100electronics company as ranked by INC Magazine.

Dan Negroni

V.P. Generational Programs

Like Denise Hummel, Dan is a ``recovering attorney.`` He is the quintessential next-generation business management and talent development consultant and coach solving today's critical multigenerational issues. Dan leverages his authentic, no-nonsense approach and a successful 20+ year career as a experiences as a CEO, attorney, and senior sales and marketing executive to help companies bridge the gap between managers and their millennial workforce to increase employee engagement, productivity and profits. Offering the solution to today's critical cross generational issues, Dan successfully bridges the gap between managers and their millennial workforce to increase employee engagement, productivity and profits. He is the author of ``Chasing Relevance,`` a book that each participant of this workshop will receive.